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Line 2 Of Notttingham Tram coming soon. Stopping right outside Nottingham Science Park and travelling into the city center.
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Nottingham Science Park


Blueprint's extension to Nottingham Science Park began in 2006 with the reclamation of 12 acres of land that had lain contaminated and unused for over 50 years.

Our vision was to create an environment dedicated to people and nature, not surface car parks.   A series of interconnected wooden lily pads suspended above a wetland habitat provide public access between the Park's buildings and form a green corridor between an adjacent nature reserve and Tottle Brook.

The first buildings delivered by Blueprint on the park were the Highfields Centre, an automotive academy for Toyota and Central College, and No.1 Nottingham Science Park, the award winning and striking home of some of the region's most innovative green-tech companies.

Both buildings subscribe to Nottingham Science Park's ethos of innovation, creativity and environmental sustainability combining a distinctive design aesthetic with cutting edge technologies to maximise energy efficiency and occupier comfort in operation. 

Blueprint are ready to provide more innovate, bespoke buildings on 5 acres of fully serviced development land.